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2003 in video gaming

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Computer games continue to lose ground to console video games with a US sales drop of 14% in 2003. (NPD) Total 2003 entertainment software sales in the United States grew slightly to $7 billion USD; console sales increased to $5.8 billion and computer games accounted for the remaining $1.2 billion. (ESA)

Video game consoles

Two new handheld consoles were introduced in 2003: The Game Boy Advance SP (an improved GBA-compatible device) and Nokia's N-Gage.

The dominant consoles in 2003 were:

Top-selling games

The top 10 selling console video games in 2003 in the
United States ranked by units sold, according to NPD, were:
  1. Madden NFL 2004, published by Electronic Arts, for PlayStation 2
  2. Pokémon Ruby, Nintendo of America, Game Boy Advance
  3. Pokémon Sapphire, Nintendo of America, Game Boy Advance
  4. , Electronic Arts, PS2
  5. , Nintendo of America, GameCube
  6. , Rockstar Games, PS2
  7. , Nintendo of America, GameCube
  8. Tony Hawk's Underground, Activision, PS2
  9. Enter the Matrix, Atari, PS2
  10. , Electronic Arts, PS2