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Animal welfare

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1 The philosophy of Animal Welfare
2 Animal Welfare compared with Animal Rights
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The philosophy of Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare is concerned with the humane treatment of animals under our care. It is the conviction that all animals should be treated in such a way that they do not suffer unnecessarily.

Animal Welfare compared with Animal Rights

Many animal rights and animal welfare advocates make a clear distinction between the two philosophies. Animal rights advocates, such as Gary Francione, argue that the animal welfare position (advocating for the betterment of the condition of animals, but without abolishing animal use: see veganism) is logically inconsistent and ethically unacceptable. Most animal welfarists argue that the animal rights view is extreme, and do not advocate the elimination of all animal use or companionship. However, there are some animal rights groups, such as PETA, which support animal welfare measures in the short term to alleviate animal suffering until all animal use is ended.

Canadian ethicist David Sztybel distinguishes six different types of animal welfare views:

Animal welfare principles are codified by positive law in many nations, but animal rights are recognized in none.

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