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Blue (from Old High German "blao" shining) is one of the three primary additive colors; blue light has the shortest wavelength (about 470 nm) of the three primary colors.

A clear sky on a sunny day is colored blue because of Rayleigh scattering of the light from the Sun. Large amounts of water (H2O) look blue because red light around 750 nm is absorbed as an overtone of the O-H stretching vibration. Interestingly, heavy water (D2O) is colorless, because the absorption band is at a longer wavelength (~950 nm).

An example of a blue color in the RGB color space has intensities [0, 0, 255] on a 0 to 255 scale. Blue is the complement of orange.

The English language commonly uses "blue" to refer to any color from blue to cyan.

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Usage, symbolism, colloquial expressions

House painted blue
House painted blue


Blue is a pop group. Members - Duncan James, Simon Webbe, Antony Costa and Lee Ryan, they have brought out three successful albums ("All Rise", "One Love" and "Guilty")'

Blue is the title of an album by the Canadian singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell.

Kind of Blue is the title of an album by Miles Davis, which has become one of the biggest selling jazz recordings in history.

Blue Train is the title of an influential jazz album by John Coltrane

Rhapsody in Blue is a symphonic jazz composition for jazz band, piano, and orchestra by George Gershwin.

Love is Blue is a popular tune from the 1960's by Andy Williams, most notably performed by Paul Mauriat.

Blue is also a title for songs from LeAnn Rimes to Eiffel 65.

Color Coordinates

Hex triplet = #0000FF
RGB    (r, g, b)    =  (0, 0, 255)
CMYK   (c, m, y, k) =  (255, 255, 0, 0)
HSV    (h, s, v)    =  (240, 100, 100)

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