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Different styles of paintbrushesEnlarge

Different styles of paintbrushes

A brush is a device with bristles used for cleaning, with or without water. There are various sizes, including small varieties for cleaning a fine instrument, and there is also the toothbrush.

A common combination is dustpan and brush. With a stick it is a broomstick.

A brush may also be for applying ink or paint. Brush can also refer to the digital equivalent one would find in a bitmap graphics editor (such as Photoshop or GIMP) - i.e., a virtual brush that can modify a digital picture. Alternatively, a brush may be used to groom hair.

Paint brushes can have three shapes:
Brush care:

Brush can also refer to untamed grassy areas, as well as so-called "Transitional Zones" - areas between canopy forests and field type habitats.

In golf, it is synonymous with the "rough" - the area outside the fairway.

Additionally, in 3D computer game development, brushes are the solid polyhedrons that make up the level geometry.

Brush, Colorado is a town in the USA.