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Developed nation

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Developed nations are countries that have achieved (currently or historically) a high degree of industrialization, and which enjoy the higher standards of living which wealth and technology make possible. There is a strong correlation between countries having this type of status and their possessing robust democratic institutions.

Countries not belonging in this category are sometimes euphemistically called developing nations, underdeveloped nations, or, in extreme cases least developed countries. Other terms sometimes used to describe the dichotomy are first world/third world (the second world was once reserved for Communist countries), North/South, or industrialized countries/non-industrialized countries. The term Western countries has similar, though not identical, connotations.

According to the CIA World Factbook, the following countries are considered developed nations:
Andorra Germany Malta Sweden
Austria Greece Monaco Switzerland
Belgium Iceland Netherlands United Kingdom
Denmark Ireland Norway Vatican City
Faroe Islands Italy Portugal
Finland Liechtenstein San Marino
France Luxembourg Spain
America Asia Oceania Africa
Bermuda Israel Australia South Africa
Canada Japan New Zealand
United States Turkey
And according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)'s list of advanced economies, the following are also considered developed nations:

But not: