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Eugen Weidmann

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Eugen Weidmann (February 5, 1908 - June 17, 1939) was the last person publicly executed in France.

He was born in Frankfurt-am-Main.

Around October 9, 1937, he killed Jeanine Keller. On October 17, 1937, he killed Roger Le Blond. On September 3, 1937, he killed Joseph Couffy.

He was convicted of killing six people by shooting them in the back of the neck, in six separate incidents.

He was guillotined in Versailles, outside the prison Saint Pierre. The "hysterical behavior" by spectators was so scandalous that French President Albert Lebrun banned any future public executions on June 17, 1939.

The use of the guillotine for private executions in France continued until September 10, 1977, when the last execution, that of Hamida Djandoubi, occurred.