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European Federation of Green Parties

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The European Federation of Green Parties is organizationally distinct from the grouping of Green (and some other) members of the European Parliament, who are called the European Federation of Green Parties/European Free Alliance. On February 21, 2004, the European Federation of Green Parties met in Rome to found a real party organization (i.e., not an umbrella organization, but a member organization). This new organization is called European Greens.

The European Federation facilitates communication between member parties. At meetings it arrives at shared manifestos for European elections, and provides an opportunity for networking and the discussion of strategy. It also gives support to smaller or newer parties in order to strengthen them. For example, they did work in Spain to unify divided groupings in each region, and succeeded to an extent - two regions elected Green MPs to the Spanish Parliament.

As of 2004, the Federation included 32 Green Parties in 29 European countries.

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