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European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party

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Logo of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party

The European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party is a liberal party, active in the European Union, uniting liberal and centrist parties around Europe.

It originated as the European Liberal, Democrat and Reform party grouping with seats in the European Parliament, but on April 30, 2004 (the day before the enlargement of the European Union) reformed itself as a pan-European political party.

On July 13, 2004 the Parliamentary Group of the ELDR approved a recommendation to unite in a new group with the UDF, the Lithuanian Labour Party and additional Italian members to create a new centre force to be called the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE). This group is the parliamentary group of the ELDR and the European Democratic Party of the UDF, Lithuanian Labour Party and the Italian Margherita party.

Member parties (as at June, 2004)

Country Party
Albania Partia Aleanca Demokratike (Democratic Alliance)
Andorra Partit Liberal
Austria Liberales Forum
Belgium Vlaamse Liberalen en Democraten (Flemish Liberals and Democrats)
Parti Réformateur Libéral (Reformist Movement)
Bosnia-Herzegovina Liberalno demokratska stranka (Liberal Democratic Party)
Bulgaria Dvizhenie za prava i svobodi (Movement for Rights and Freedoms)
Nacionalno DviÞenie Simeon Vtori (National Movement for Simeon II)
Croatia Hrvatska narodna stranka (Croatian People's Party)
Hrvatska socijalno liberalna stranka (Croatian Social Liberal Party)
Liberalna Stranka (Liberal Party)
LIBRA - Stranka liberalnih demokrata (Party of Liberal Democrats)
Cyprus Dimokratikon Komma (Democratic Party)
Czech Republic Cesta Zmĕny (Path for Change)
Obcanska demokraticka aliance (Civic Democratic Alliance)
Denmark Venstre (Denmark's Liberal Party)
Det Radikale Venstre (Danish Social-Liberal Party)
Estonia Eesti Keskerakond (Estonian Centre Party)
Eesti Reformierakond (Estonian Reform Party)
Finland Suomen Keskusta (Finnish Centre Party)
Svenska Folkpartiet (Swedish People's Party)
Germany Freie Demokratische Partei (Free Democratic Party)
Hungary Szabad Demokratak Szövetsege (Alliance of Free Democrats)
Ireland Progressive Democrats
Italy I Democratici (Margherita)
Rinnovamento Italiano (Margherita)
Italia dei Valori - Lista Di Pietro
Movimento Repubblicani Europei
Partito Repubblicano Italiano
Latvia Latvijas Ceļš (Latvian Way)
Lithuania Liberalų ir centro sąjunga (Liberal and Centre Union)
Naujoji sąjunga (New Union)
Luxembourg Parti Démocratique / Demokratesch Partei (Democratic Party)
Macedonia Liberalna Partija na Makedonija (Liberal Party of Macedonia)
Netherlands Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie (People's Party for Freedom and Democracy)
Democraten 66 (Democracy 66)
Norway Venstre (Liberal Party)
Poland Unia Wolnosci (Liberty Union)
Romania Partidul National Liberal
Serbia and Montenegro Liberali Srbije (Liberals of Serbia)
Partia Liberale e Kosoves (Liberal Party of Kosova)
Slovakia Aliancia Nového Občana (Alliance of the New Citizen)
Slovenia Liberalna demokracija Slovenije (Liberal Democracy of Slovenia)
Sweden Folkpartiet Liberalerna (Liberal People's Party)
Centerpartiet (Centre Party)
Switzerland Parti Radical Démocratique
United Kingdom Liberal Democrats
Alliance Party of Northern Ireland

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