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Health profession

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What is a health care professional?

The delivery of modern health care depends on an expanding group of highly trained professionals coming together as an interdisciplinary team. Individuals are called health professionals if thay participate in delivery of medical care in some way. Thus, it is a rather broad term.

Examples of members of the health professions

Medical doctors have specializations on the medicine page. Dentistry and psychology, while separate disciplines from medicine, are often considered medical fields in the wider definition of the term. Practitioners such as physician assistants, nurse practitioners and midwives also treat patients and prescribe medication in many legal jurisdictions.

Health profession means a profession in which a person exercises skill or judgment or provides a service related to:
(a) the preservation or improvement of the health of individuals, or
(b) the treatment or care of individuals who are injured, sick, disabled or infirm.

The foundation sciences underpinning human medicine overlap veterinary medicine.

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