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Ilyushin Il-86

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Il-86 of Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise at St. Petersburg AirportEnlarge

Il-86 of Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise at St. Petersburg Airport

The Ilyushin Il-86 is a Russian wide-body commercial passenger jet aircraft.

The aircraft was developed by the Soviet Union; announced in 1971, it first flew on December 22, 1976, and entered commercial sevice in 1980. It was the first wide-body type built in the Soviet Union, and around 120 were built. Initially it was only flown by Aeroflot and, slightly later, China Northern Airlines.

Range is limited compared to the similar DC-10 or A300, due to the four engine design and their high fuel consumption. It has good capacity, cargo space and robustness.

It has special built-in airstairs for airports without boarding equipment.

The president of Russia flies in a specially modified Il-86; other airframes of the type have been modified for use in military roles such as airborne early warning and communications support.

General characteristics

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