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Jump rope

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Jump rope is a game played primarily by children and primarily by girls in which one or more children jump over a spinning rope so that it passes under their feet and over their heads. This may consist of one child twirling and jumping the rope, or at least three children taking turns, two of which twirl the rope while one jumps. If the latter is played with two twirling ropes, it is called double dutch, and is significantly more difficult.

Participants may simply jump until they tire and/or make a mistake, they may improvise tricks, or they may have to carry out a predetermined sets of tricks. Adults generally jump rope solo for the exercise.


Jump rope is also practised on a competition level. It is also called rope skipping. Competitions can be individual or team-based. A typical competition consists of (one or more) freestyle events, and a number of speed events. During a freestyle, the skipper (the person jumping rope) or skippers has a set time limit to display a combination of tricks, accompanied by music. During the speed events, the skipper or skippers must complete as many succesfull jumps in a given time. A good example of a jump rope comtetition is the upcoming World Championships, held in Australia the end of july.

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