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Leisure time is time not spent on anything that has to be done, like employment, education, running a business and household chores. Also regular sleeping is not called leisure time. The distinction is not strict, since necessity can be larger or smaller, and things may be done for pleasure as well as longer term usefulness.

This time can be spent on two main kinds of leisure:

Active leisure, active recreation, leisure sport (going to the gym, etc.; sport for fun rather than for competition); staves off boredom.

Lounging, "doing nothing": the kind of "reclining-in-the-sun" type leisure, which implies going to sleep or a near-sleep lounging state. In a way it is "wasting time", but not really, if you like it (if not, it is called boredom).

Sport fishing may fall in both categories, depending on how active one is.

A more recent concept is that of quality time.