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List of finance topics

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What follows is a list of over 250 Wikipedia articles on finance topics. It aims to be a complete listing of finance topics, so if you write a finance article, please add it to this list.

This list is an attempt to categorize all financial topics. An alphabetical listing of finance topics can be found at List of finance topics (alphabetical). If you add an article to either list, please add it to both.

Table of contents
1 Fundamental financial concepts
2 Accounting (financial records)
3 Institutional setting
4 Financial markets and instruments
5 Valuation
6 Corporate finance
7 Investment management
8 Personal finance
9 Public finance
10 Insurance
11 Economics and finance
12 Mathematics and finance
13 Constraint finance
14 Virtual finance
15 The History of finance
16 Financial software tools
17 Finding related topics

Fundamental financial concepts

Accounting (financial records)

Institutional setting

Financial institutions and banking

Financial supervision, regulation, and accreditation

Financial markets and instruments

Commodity markets

Stock market

Bond market

Money market

Derivatives market


Corporate finance

Investment management

Personal finance

Public finance


Economics and finance

Mathematics and finance

Constraint finance

Virtual finance

The History of finance

Financial software tools

Finding related topics

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