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Louis Andriessen

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Louis Andriessen (born June 6, 1939) is a Dutch composer and the son of the composer Hendrik Andriessen (1892-1981).

After his study at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, Andriessen studied for two years with Luciano Berio.

Andriessen's music is influenced by the multi-faceted work of Igor Stravinsky and by minimalism. Andriessen's anti-traditional orchestration, high-energy chord-textures and inventive sources for texts and librettos give his music a distinctive stamp.

Works include De Staat, De Materie, Hoketus, Zilver, Mausoleum, etc. Andriessen cooperated with film maker Peter Greenaway on the operas Rosa (1994) and Writing to Vermeer (1998).

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