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Lund University

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Lund University or Lunds universitet is a university founded in 1666, in Lund, Sweden. The university has over 34,000 people studying in 50 different programmes and 800 separate courses.

The main administrative building at Lund UniversityEnlarge

The main administrative building at Lund University

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Although there were anterior academic institutions, a studium generale, the mediaeval Latin language term for a university, was established in 1483 within the Franciscan friary, and prior to this in 1085, a school for the training of priests was set up. The university was established in 1666, as the fourth one within the Swedish Realm. Today, within Sweden, it is sometimes counted as its second, since the Academia Gustaviana (now University of Tartu (1632) and the Academy of Åbo (1640) are located in present Estonia and Finland. Uppsala University was the first to be established in 1477.


There are also departments located in Malmö and Helsingborg.


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