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Orpington is a place in Kent, England in the London Borough of Bromley. This town was for a long time larger than the 'capital' (Bromley) of the Borough in which it resides and arguably remains the more important of the two with a more direct railway connection to London and greater accessibility to the M25 motorway. It functions as a commuter town for London and is a major population centre in the south east of the conurbation.

Two local secondary schools are grammar schools which attract pupils from all over south London and north west Kent; St. Olave's (formally named St.Olave's and St. Saviour's Grammar School for Boys and until the 20th century had its buildings located in Southwark, London) and Newstead Wood (which remains solely a girls' school, unlike St. Olave's which began accepting girls into the Sixth Form in September 1998 - though the rest of the school remains single-sex).


In World War II this town sustained fairly regular damage from bombings and the occasional V-1 and V-2 attack partly due to its location with regard to London (and the miscalculations/lack of fuel of bombers that that entailed) and also the proximity of Biggin Hill aerodrome which was an important airbase for Spitfire and Hurricane fighters in the Battle of Britain.

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Nearest railway stations: The Orpington chicken (called the Orpington Buff) was named by its developer, William Cook, after the Orpington district.

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