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Rabbinic literature

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Rabbinic literature, in the broadest sense, is any literature by rabbis concerning Judaism. In academic circles, the term is restricted to writings from the era of the Talmud (the Hebrew term is Sifrut Hazal). This article discusses rabbinic literature broadly in the former sense (not according to the academic definition), but is limited to that literature which has achieved some degree of canonicity among Jews.

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1 Pre-mishnaic
2 Mishna and Talmud
3 Geonim
4 Rishonim
5 Acharonim
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Pre-mishnaic (until 200 C.E.):

Mishna and Talmud

Mishnaic and Talmudic period (until
500 C.E.):


Geonim, the rabbis of Sura and Pumbeditha, in
Babylon (650 CE - 1250 CE) :


Rishonim, the rabbis of the early medieval period (1250 CE - 1550 CE) to the
Shulkhan Arukh:


Acharonim,1550 to the present:

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