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Reclaim the Streets

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Reclaim the Streets (RTS) is a group of people with a collective ideal of community ownership of public spaces. It has been characterised as a resistance movement to the corporate forces of globalisation, and, more significantly, as a form of opposition to the car as the dominant mode of transport.

Reclaim the Streets often stage non-violent direct action street reclaiming events such as the 'invasion' of a major road, highway or freeway to stage a party. While this may obstruct the regular users of these spaces such as car drivers and public bus riders, the philosophy of Reclaim the Streets is that it is vehicle traffic, not pedestrians who are causing the obstruction, and that by occupying the road they are in fact opening up public space. RTS events are usually spectacular and colourful, with dancing, traffic disruption and occasionally violence. The style of the parties in many places has been influenced by the rave scene in the UK.

These "street parties" have been held in cities all over Europe, Australia, North America, and Africa.

Reclaim the Streets can also be used to denote a specific type of political action (as described above), independent of the RTS movement, using Reclaim the Streets like street parties as means of protest for or against other issues.

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