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Rinzai Gigen

Rinzai (臨済; Japanese; also romanized Linji or Lin-chi) (? - 866) was the founder of a sect of Zen Buddhism which takes his name. Rinzai's teaching was characterized by harsh encounters with students, aiming to bring about the moment of enlightenment (satori) by punching, kicking, slapping, etc. His sermons were collected into the Lin-chi lu (Chinese; Japanese: Rinzai Roku) (Record of Lin-chi) by his students.

The Rinzai school is known for its emphasis on sudden enlightenment and the use of devices like the koan to achieve this end. Founded in Tang China, it was later brought to Japan by Eisai in 1191.

The Rinzai school has historically been closely linked to various martial arts traditions in Japan, China, and Korea. In pre-modern Japan, Rinzai was widely popular among the warrior aristocracy and samurai, in distinction from Soto Zen which was more associated with artists and poets.