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Secret police

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A secret police force is an informal term for a police organization that operates in secret to enforce state security.

In states of limited democracy, such as police states, dictatorships and totalitarian states, the secret police often uses terroristic methods to suppress sedition, dissent, political opposition.

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1 Examples of Secret Police Forces
2 Historial development
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Examples of Secret Police Forces

National Socialist (Nazi) secret police forces:

Fascist secret police forces: Communist secret police forces: Middle-eastern secret police forces: North American secret police forces: Latin American secret police forces: Caribbean secret police forces: African secret police forces:

Historial development

The secret police of late
Imperial Russia was Okhranka, whose stated goal was to ensure the security of the Tsar.

Before World War II, the German Nazis created the Sicherheitsdienst (SD) to control domestic opposition.

During the World War II, the Soviet Union had a counter-espionage agency, Smersh.

Fictional Examples of Secret Police Forces

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