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Sony Ericsson

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Sony Ericsson is a 50-50 joint venture established in 2001 by the Japanese consumer electronics company Sony and the Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson, to make mobile phones. Both companies have stopped making their own mobile phones, letting the new company use Sony's knowledge in customer electronics and Ericsson's know-how in cellular technology. The company's global management is based in London, has R&D in Sweden, Japan, China, the United States and the United Kingdom, and in total has approximately 3,500 employees around the world.

The current President is Miles Flint, and the Executive Vice President is Jan Wäreby.

Sony Ericsson announced its first joint products in March 2002 and now has a full product portfolio covering all target groups. In 2002, Sony Ericsson sold close to 23 million mobile phones.

After years of losses, Sony Ericsson posted a fourth-quarter profit in 2003, buoyed in part by sales of its new line of camera phones and a strong showing in Asia, earning 43 million euros in contrast to a loss of 69 million euros a year earlier. Analysts had expected a profit of 32 million euros. It was the second consecutive quarter that Sony Ericsson, which had steadily lost money since it was founded in 2001, posted a profit.

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