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Three Jewels

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The Three Jewels, also Three Treasures, Three Gems, and Triple Gems, are described by Burton Wilson in The Lotus Sutra as "three things that all Buddhists are enjoined to serve and revere, namely, the Buddha, the Law or Dharma, and the Sangha or Order"

The Three Jewels in Lamrim

According to Atisha in the 11th century 'Lamp for the Path' and in the subsequent Lamrim tradition as elaborated by Tsongkhapa, there are several purposes of refuge:

These purposes are introduced using the concept of the 'scope' of a practitioner


I take refuge in the three jewels,
The Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangra.
Until I attain Enlightenment. (the 14th Dali Lama)
-- Melissa Mathinson, "Kundun." 1997

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