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A tool is a device used to augment a species' natural abilities. The most basic tools are the simple machines.

Although tools were once thought to be used only by humans, it has been observed that chimpanzees and other animals, mostly primates, but also some birds (for instance ravens) are able to use them as well.

Most tools can also be used as weapons, such as the hammer and knife. Similarly, weapons, such as explosives, can be used as tools.

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1 Varieties of tools
2 Popular Aphorisms
3 History
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Varieties of tools

An instrument is a concrete or abstract tool, in particular a refined one.

Toy tools are popular. Some are just a cheap or small version of the real thing, such as a shovel and bucket to use on the beach and in the sandbox. Others are less functional, e.g. a dull plastic knife, or not functional at all.

In computing, software programs that assist people doing work on computers are also called tools, such as Computer Aided Software Engineering tool, Lint programming tool, software or web-based collaborative tools, software development tools, programming tools.

Tool also means "to travel in a vehicle; to ride or drive."

Popular Aphorisms


Use of tools started at the beginning of the Stone age. Knives, amongst the oldest tools, have been fabricated since that time.

Other usages