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Tourism in England

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Tourism plays a significant part in the economic life of England.

Many British people travel abroad, which takes money out of the country. However, many other people come to England as tourists, and this is economically beneficial. There is significant economic benefit from American tourists, as well as other tourists from European countries.

In the UK as a whole, tourism contributes 76 billion pounds to the British economy, and it employs 6.1% of the working population, making it the 6th largest industry [1].

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Source of domestic tourists within the United Kingdom (%) 2002:

Õ South Eastà 14à à
Õ Londonà 11à
Õ North West Merseysideà 11à à
Õ Easternà 10à à
Õ West Midlandsà 9à à
Õ South Westà 9à à
Õ Yorks & Humberà 9à à
Õ East Midlandsà 8à à
Õ North Eastà 3à à
Õ Walesà 5à à
Õ Scotlandà 9
Õ Northern Irelandà 2à

Source of tourists to the United Kingdom (%) 2002:

Õ USAà 15
Õ Franceà 13à
Õ Germanyà 11à
Õ Irish Republicà 10
Õ Netherlandsà 6à
Õ Spainà 4
Õ Italyà 4
Õ Belgiumà 4
Õ Australiaà 3
Õ Canadaà 3à
Õ Other Countriesà 27

Sources: United Kingdom Tourism Survey (UKTS)/International Passenger Survey (IPS) [1]

Cultural and heritage tourism

Britain's tourist industry is principally "cultural" and "heritage" based, and many tourists are attracted to England because of its history, particularly in London (see Tourism in London).

Heritage Cities in England

Other places in England are also of historical interest, but may not feature so significantly for foreign tourists. Many foreign tourists also visit Scotland and Wales, see tourism in Scotland, tourism in Wales).

Domestic tourists, and foreign tourists who have specific interests in art, music, history etc, also visit the following:


Britain also has some unique natural environments, and has a significant "Ecotourism" industry:

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