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Unemployment benefit

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Unemployment benefit is money paid by the government to people who are unemployed. It is meant for food, clothes and so on. It is part of social security.

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In Canada the system is known as Employment Insurance, but until 1996 it was called Unemployment Insurance. Canadian workers pay into a central fund that contributors can draw on if later unemployed. The amount a person receives and how long they can stay on EI varies with their previous salary, how long they were working, and the unemployment rate in their area. The EI system is managed by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (formerly Human Resources Development Canada), a federal government department.

EI is especially important in the Atlantic provinces, which have higher rates of unemployment. Many Atlantic workers are also employed in seasonal work such as fishing and go on EI over the winter when there is no work.

An unemployment insurance program was first attempted during the Great Depression by the government of R.B. Bennett. It was, however, ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of Canada as it was a provincial responsibility. After a constitutional amendment was passed the first Canadian system was established in 1940. The EI system was dramatically cut by the Liberalss in the mid-1990s. This led to a sharp fall in Liberal support in the Atlantic in the 1997 election.

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Unemployment pay is paid in the Federal Republic of Germany with unemployment as wage compensation. It is the most important achievement, which grants the responsible in each case agency for work.

One quit to an employee within the prescribed period on the part of the employer (also operatingcauses, for example because of lack of order) and if it announced itself unemployed within the prescribed period and to the employment agency at the disposal put, it gets unemployment pay if it were contributory at least 12 months before (special arrangements see Web on the left of). During a compensation or a similar achievement this is taken into account, if the term of notice were not kept. One calls this then "a resting of the requirement".

With a termination agreement, cancellation without notice or notice by the employee the requirement without important reason rests likewise. Important reasons are for example serious health problems, which are examined however by the agency for work and/or by an assigned medical one service. One calls this resting facts curfew (ç144 SGBIII).

Curfews can occur just as during the purchase of unemployment pay, if the receiver a deliberate behavior for the nonconclusion of a new employer-employee relationship will nachgeweisen can, thus for example when purging letting a work offer or a too late application without conclusive reason. The curfews step here graduated up, with the first offence three weeks, with each further offence three weeks more than before.

During the unemployment pay purchase one may exercise a Nebenbeschaeftigung(en), as long as one remains with this occupation under 15 and/or with independence under 18 hours in the week. Furthermore there is a monthly free allowance of 165 euro. If the supplementary income exceeds this free allowance, the exceeding amount is taken off from mtl. the unemployment pay. The legal regulations for this are in the ç141 SGBIII

The achievement set in such a way specified unemployment pay is with 60 and/or. 67 per cent of the net payment. Unemployed persons with children, here the increased sentence is paid by 67 per cent. The duration of the purchase depends on the age and the length of time of the previous occupation. The requirement duration amounts to at least 6th highest however 32 months. Starting from that 65. Lebensjahr purges the requirement.

Also, see: Zeitarbeit Jobs Karriere Deustchland Zeitarbeit These are so called seasonal jobs available in Germany.

According to medium reports 2005 about 500,000 persons by reorganizations their requirement on unemployment benefit will lose. In the northeast Lands of the Federal Republic a scarce third loses its requirement on the unemployment pay II.


In Sweden unemployment benefits are divided into a voluntary scheme with income related compensation up to a certain level and a comprehensive scheme that provides a lower level of basic support. The voluntary scheme requires a minumum of 12 months membership and a certain degree of employment during that time before any claims can be made. Employers pay a fee on top of the pre-tax income of its employees, which togeather with membership fees, fund the scheme. Private insurance is also available, mainly through professional organizations, to provide income related compensation that otherwise exceedes the cieling of the scheme. The comprehensive scheme is funded by tax.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom there are two forms of unemployment benefit: Job Seekers Allowance (income-based) and Job Seekers Allowance (contribution-based). If a claimant has paid enough National Insurance contributions of the correct class in the two complete tax years previous to the claim year in which the claim is being made, and can prove that they are available for work and are actively seeking employment then they are entitled to contribution-based benefit. If not, and they have a low or no income they receive income-based benefit, but they still have to prove that they are available for and actively seeking work. Benefit levels are lower for those under 25 and to remain receiving benefit a claimant has to visit the Job Centre every two weeks (so called signing on).

For the full article see Job Seeker's Allowance.

United States

In the United States there is Unemployment Insurance, your reason for leaving your last job must be 'lack of work' or a determination of your benefits will be determined. Payments to an eligible person are based on a percentage of your last 52 week earnings, not to exceed a state maximum. It generally takes two to three weeks for a check to show up. Federal rules are governed by the Department of Labor.

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