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Windows Longhorn

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Longhorn is Microsoft's code name for the next version of its Windows operating system, to follow on from Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. It is currently expected to ship sometime early in 2006, and include many important new features and technologies.

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Microsoft labels the key new technologies as "The Pillars of Longhorn", which are:


Additionally, Longhorn will include many other new features, including:

System requirements

Graphics requirements are defined in relation to three different desktop experiences.

Aero Glass experience

This graphics mode includes support for 3D graphics, animation and visual special effects that delivers the richest experience possible in Longhorn. Consequently, this graphics mode requires the following:

Don't fret if you don't have this setup on your computer 
currently - remember, Longhorn is coming out in 2006-2007 
whereas it will be hard to find graphics cards lower than those specifications.

Aero experience

This graphics mode delivers the minimum hardware acceleration for the Longhorn user experience and is the minimum required for new systems.

Classic experience

This graphics mode is equivalent to the user experience in
Windows 2000. In this mode, Longhorn uses software rendering to display graphics instead of a graphics card. If the system running Longhorn does not meet the hardware requirements for Aero or Aero Glass, this mode will be used.

Getting Hold of Longhorn

Torrent Search and search for Windows Longhorn. For information on what's happening with Windows Longhorn, visit (this site does not have Windows Longhorn for download).
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