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"Without a world of our own, we are, but children, lost in the wilderness."
- Anarchis, circa 2083.

The Xindi are an alien race in the fictional Star Trek universe. They are native to the planet Xindus in a region of space known as the Delphic Expanse. They are goverened by the Xindi Council.

The Xindi are unique in that the "race" is comprised of five (once six) distinct species. These share the same genetic origins but have developed along very distinct lines: aquatics, arboreals, avians, insectoids, primates, and reptilians. All Xindi, regardless of species, share characteristic ridges on their cheekbones.

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First appearance

Warning: Plot details follow.

They first appeared in the series, where they carried out an unprovoked attack on Earth in April of 2153, killing 7 million people between Florida and Venezuela.

Xindi history

Various Xindi were involved in a war lasting about 100 years and ending in the 2030s. Alliances between the Xindi species were forged and changed continuously throughout the war, so much that 50-60 years into the war, most Xindi forgot what started it. However, everyone remembered how it ended. In an act of desperation, the Insectoids and Reptilians detonated several charges beneath the 8 largest seismic fissures of the geologically-unstable planet Xindus, leading to its destruction and ultimately the extinction of the Xindi-Avian race.

After the war, the Xindi scattered throughout the Expanse into several colonies. As a whole, they have a passionate desire to establish a new homeworld and unify all Xindi.

The Xindi appear to be pawns in the Temporal Cold War, as they were informed at least as early as 2152 by a trans-dimensional race known as Sphere Builders from the future that they would be victims of a genocidal attack from humanity in the 26th century. The Xindi came to revere these creatures, whom they called the 'Guardians,' and following their guidance, launched a premptive strike on Earth as a precursor to a genocidal second attack.

The Xindi spent the early part of 2153 deciding how to confront the threat of Humanity and planned a biological weapon based on the Human genetic profile. This was ultimately rejected by the Xindi Council (the Reptilians went along with the bio weapon but were eventually foiled) and so they worked on a weapon to blow up Earth. (In one future timeline, glimpsed in ENT "Twilight," a final version of this weapon succeeds in destroying Earth.)

However, with the help of Captain Archer's knowledge of the future cooperation between humans and Xindi against the Sphere Builders, the Xindi Council began to split over the issue of wheather the "Guardians" were the real enemy or not. This was helped along especially when Dolim killed Degra.

With the help of the Sphere Builders, the Reptilians and Insectoids took control of the finished Xindi weapon and set on a course for Earth, thus beginning a civil war between the Xindi species. A single vessel of Arboreals, Primates, and Humans pursued the weapon.

En route to Earth, a rift appeared in the Reptilian-Insectoid alliance when the Insectoids proposed delaying the destruction of Earth in light of Archer's revelation about the true nature of the Sphere Builders. The Reptilians, determined to see the task completed and thus unwilling to risk any obstruction to that end, eliminated the accompanying Insectoid vessels.

The pursing vessel caught up with the Xindi weapon near Earth. An Andorian vessel then unexpectedly entered the fray and engaged the Reptilian vessel, which provided enough cover for the Humans to board the Xindi weapon and destroy it.

Following the destruction of their weapon, the Xindi council, excepting the Reptilians, reconvened. The Xindi abandoned their hostile intent toward Humans.

In Daniels' timeline, Xindi crewmen serve in the Federation in the 26th century.

Xindi Species


Xindi-Aquatics resemble Terran Cetaceans. Not much is known about this species other than that they swim underwater and speak through echolocation. The name of the aquatic serving on the council is pronounced Kiaphet Amman'sor in the Xindi primate language. She is always shown in a tank in the council chamber. Aquatics have a reputation for taking a very long time to make a decision, but are more readily convinced by visual evidence.

Strangely, although the Aquatics are peaceful, they have a strong military. Their warships resemble large Terran manta rays and are filled with water. However, there is at least one section of the ship that is sealed and filled with air for land-based races. This room also has a plexiglass window so the visitors can communicate with the Aquatic crew. Aquatic ships carry extremely powerful weapons and are more than a match for Insectoid and Reptilian ships. Aquatic vessels can also emitt a field that disrupts targeting scanners. This can also be applied to protect other ships.

Xindi-Arboreals (Sloths)

Xindi-Arboreals are covered with hair, and resemble Terran sloths. They run kemocite-production facilites throughout the Delphic Expanse. Gralik, a Xindi-Arboreal, gave Degra an impure kemocite, to sabotage production of the Council's weapon prototype. This is probably the species least interested in destroying humanity. Janar is the name of the main arboreal on the council. Arboreals are also afraid of the water.


Xindi-Avians resembled Terran birds. They once darkened the skies of Xindus, the Xindi homeworld. They are thought to be extinct since the Reptilians and Insectoids planted explosives that destroyed the Xindi Homeworld after the Hundred-Year War. The Avians, having primitive technology, couldn't leave the planet and were wiped out.

Curiously, the Avians had a presence on a planet other than Xindus at least as far back as the 2nd Millennium BCE. This location would later be used as the site of the Xindi Council.


Xindi-Insectoids resemble a cross between six-foot Terran grasshoppers, flies, and ants. They speak in a clicking language unique to all Xindi, of which there are 67 dialects. Insectoid iconography is radically different that that of other Xindi. They exist in an alliance with the Reptilians and with them destroyed the Xindi Homeworld after the Hundred-Year War. Insectoid personal names get longer with age. (According to novelizations, the insectoid serving on the council is pronounced Shresht in the primate language.) Insectoids have a reputation for rushing into decisions.

Insectoids have an average lifespan of 10-12 years. They are asexual, and reproduce by laying eggs, which take about a week to mature. Egg sacs are suspended from ceilings, and tubules connected to them spray chemicals that cause passers-by to reverse-imprint on the hatchlings, protecting them as a parent would. Hatchlings are so important to Insectoids that hatcheries are aboard starships, and are heavily shielded. In the event of a problem with the ship, the Insectoid crew will sacrifice themselves to preserve their unborn offspring.

Insectoid starships are designed differently from other vessels. They don't have one area designated for bridge duties; command functions are distributed throughout the ship. Assault vehicles are designed for Insectoid anatomy and not humanoids. Also, insectoid chairs are not built for humanoids, since their bodies couldn't sit in a regular chair.

Xindi-Primates (Humanoids)

Xindi-Primates resemble Terran humans and have a similar brain structure to the Xindi-Reptilians. They were one of the first Xindi species (including the Reptilians) to be informed on the "threat" posed by humanity. Degra, a Xindi-Primate, was assigned to develop the weapon which was to destroy Earth. In late 2153, the crew of the Enterprise boarded and studied a Primate vessel and interrogated the crew. As was learned in the ENT episode: "Stratagem" from Degra, a colony of Primates resides on Azati Prime, where the weapon was being constructed. Degra and Mallora are the two primates serving on the council. Like humans, Primates have white and black skin differences.


Xindi-Reptillians resemble a cross between several Terran lizards. This species is responsible for a preemptive kamikaze attack on Earth in 2153. They use weapons with regenerative biological power cells that overload if caught by other species. Reptillians prefer to be low to the ground, as oppossed to high-rise buildings. They use thermal chambers on board their ships to keep their energy. They are the most aggressive race of Xindi and seem to be more intrested than the other races in destroying Earth, probably in an attempt to maintain political superiority at the Xindi Council. Along with the Insectoids, they are responsible for the destruction of the Xindi Homeworld.

Some Reptilians possessed time-travel technology and traveled to 2004 to collect blood samples for their bio-weapon in the future but were foiled by Jonathan Archer and T'Pol. Commander Dolim, a seasoned military officer, serves on the council as the reptilian representative.

The Xindi-Insectoids are the only race that the Reptilians trust and are willing to divide their military with. A typical attack squadron, at least those at Azati Prime, consists of two Reptilian ships and two Insectoid ships.

The names of the insectoid and primate representives are from "The Expanse" by J.M. Dillard, the novelization of Star Trek: Enterprise episodes "The Expanse" and "The Xindi" .

Xindi-related quotes

Ensign Mayweather: For an insectoid, maybe they are comfortable.

Degra: That's what I keep telling myself. But the reality is a good number of the dead will be innocents... and children.

Janar: The past?

Mallora: So now he's a time traveler!

Degra: We'll have to generate an extremely large vortex to accommodate that many vessels.

Dolim: Even after Earth is destroyed, there will be residual presence in this system. I hunt down...and eradicate...every refugee caravan, every colony, every last outpost they have.

Janar: Degra arranged for the Aquatics to return you to your ship.

Capt. Archer: Then you also called off the attack on Enterprise.

Degra: The Reptilians weren't very pleased about that either.

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