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Alaska is one of the United States.

The capital city is Juneau, but the biggest city is Anchorage.

This is the flag of Alaska

Alaska is the biggest state in the US. It is not connected to any other states by land, but it is connected to Canada. Alaska was a state for the first time on January 3 in 1959. In 2000, the population in Alaska was 626,932 people.

There are some important industries in Alaska, like fishing, mining, and forestry. There were many gold rushes in Alaska.

The Last Frontier
State Bird:Willow Ptarmigan
State Mammal:Moose
State Capital:Juneau
State Flower:Forget Me Not
(Myosotis alpestris)
State Motto:"North To The Future"
State Song:"Alaska's Flag"
State Tree:Sitka Spruce

See list of cities and towns in Alaska for a complete list of cities and towns. In Alaska they do not split up the state into counties. Alaska uses boroughs and census areas; there are 15 boroughs, 11 census areas, and 1 municipality. You can find a list of boroughs in Alaska at List of Alaska boroughs and census areas.

The governor of Alaska is Frank Murkowski. The mayor of Juneau is Bruce Botelho.

There only 4 universities and 2 colleges in all of Alaska. Three universities are the University of Alaska System. These universities are in Juneau, Anchorage, and Fairbanks.

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