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American English

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American English is the dialect of English spoken in the United States of America. It is different from variations of International English called British English or Standard English.

Use of American English is becoming more widespread. This is partly because of the media, especially CNN. However, other sources like the BBC and Newsworld are now also available all over the world, so this may be only a temporary trend.

Also, more Internet users were using American English until recently. This trend might reverse as the net and web spread to other nations that were part of the British Empire: India in particular, which has more than one billion people.

In call centres in India and other places, people often learn American English in order to fool Americans into thinking the telemarketer is in the US. So these people will continue to use American English.

In America "color" or "race" often means ethnicity, for instance. This is a much less common usage elsewhere - where colour is part of visual perception, and where race implies racing, not ethnicity.

In American politics, the "center" is what would be considered right-wing politics in most countries. Also in politics, the word honour seems not to include honesty in America, but more like pride. So in America it is not very common to say you will "honour your word", but more common to claim "honor" as something you have as a right. For instance, George W. Bush said he would return "exiled honor" to the office of President of the United States. This would be considered wrong in most countries since he was talking about his father, George H. W. Bush, and since honour cannot be exiled - people have it wherever they are, but their families cannot claim it from them. So it is possible that these words are starting to mean something different in American English. Most languages change starting with minor issues like this - for instance Italian, Spanish, French all came from Latin due to many small usage shifts over centuries.

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