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Red apples

An apple is a kind of fruit, or the tree that grows this fruit.

The apple fruit is usually red outside when ripe (ready to eat), but may also be green or yellow. There are many different types of each color, though, such as gala and red delicious.

People first began to grow apple trees in Central Asia. Apples are now grown in most of the cooler parts of the world. The scientific name of the apple tree in the Latin language is Malus. Most apples that people grow are Malus sylvestris.

Apples are good to eat raw (not cooked), and are also used in many kinds of baked foods. Apples are cooked until they are soft to make apple sauce.

Apples are also made into the drinks apple juice and apple cider.

Apple is also the name of a company that makes computers. See Apple computer, Apple company.