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Canada is a country in the northern part of North America. It is the second-largest country in the world; only Russia is bigger. Canada's southern and northwestern edges touch the United States of America.

Flag of Canada Canada Coat of Arms
(Flag of Canada) (Coat of Arms of Canada)
National motto: A Mari Usque Ad Mare (From sea to sea)
Official languages English and French
Capital Ottawa, Ontario
Largest City Toronto, Ontario
QueenElizabeth II
Governor-GeneralAdrienne Clarkson
Prime Minister Paul Martin, Jr
 - Total
 - % water
Ranked 2nd
9,984,670 km²
 - Total (2003)
 - Density
Ranked 35th
-BNA Act
-St. of Westminster
-Canada Act
From the UK:
July 1, 1867
December 11, 1931
April 17, 1982
 - Total (2002)
 - GDP/head
Ranked 12th
923 billion $
29,400 $
Currency Canadian dollar ($)
Time zone UTC -3.5 to -8
National anthem O Canada
Internet TLD.CA
Calling Code1

Thirty-five million people live in the ten Canadian provinces and three territories. Click here for a list of Canadian provinces and territories.

The Aboriginals are the first peoples in Canada. They are the First Nations and the Inuit (Eskimo). The M├ętis are half-First Nations and half-European. In the past, Canada was owned by France and later England; for that reason, the government of Canada uses two languages: French and English. One out of every four Canadians speaks French. Most of the Canadians who speak French live in the province of Quebec, although forty percent of the population of the province of New Brunswick is also francophone.

Also, many immigrants from different countries choose to come to Canada, such as its unelected Governor General now, Adrienne Clarkson (born to Hakka Chinese parents).

Its Prime Minister now is Paul Martin Jr, whose office is in the city of Ottawa.

Here are some of the biggest cities in Canada:

Canada's national anthem is O Canada.

Many people think that all of Canada is very cold and snowy. It is true that a lot of Canada's land is very far north. But most of the people of Canada live in the south where it is less cold. In these southern cities, it does not even snow for most months of the year. In most of Canada's important cities, even where it is cold in the winter, it can get quite hot in the summer. In some parts of Canada, like Vancouver, it almost never snows. However, many Canadians do like winter sports like hockey and skiing.