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Earth is the planet we live on. It has only one Moon. Every 365 days it revolves around the Sun which provides light. Earth rotates so each part of it is in light during the day and dark at night. The Moon revolves but the same side of it is always facing Earth. It has phases of the Moon which are caused by the position of the Earth compared with the Moon and the Sun : if the Earth is between them, the moon appears illuminated and if the Earth is "behind" the Moon, it appears dark. The lunar calendar is based on this.

Earth has air that we breathe, water that we drink, and much light reaches it from the sun. Everything alive needs these, so Earth is at least rare, and it cannot be easily replaced. It has many ecosystems that provide nature's services to humans. The value of these, when measured, is natural capital. Unlike any other style of capital, there is no known way to replace this - but it can be improved, regrown, protected, e.g. by conservation.

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