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right Linux is an open source operating system. You can download it or you can buy it as a distribution. A Linux distribution is a group of applications that come with the Linux software. Some well known distributions include : Mandrake, Debian, Red Hat, Slackware, Linspire and Fedora. Linux can run different types of computers, even on Apple Macs and game consoles.

Linus Torvalds programmed the first linux system in 1991. The word Linux is named after him. Since then, thousands of developers and companies have helped him. Linux is split in to two parts, kernel and software. A lot of the software comes from an organization called GNU. Because of this, their founder Richard Stallman prefers Linux to be called GNU/Linux.

Software for Linux include : Apache for web sites, KDE and GNOME for desktop environments, for office work and there are also games such as Tux Racer and Frozen bubble.

There is a penguin called Tux. He is the linux mascot and was created by a man called Larry Edwig in 1996. People have adopted penguins to show their support for Linux development. When you see the penguin on software and hardware, it means that the software works with Linux.