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Main Page

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This is the main page of the simple English Wikipedia, part of a project to make an encyclopedia in many languages. Here, we only use simple English words and simple grammar.

All content is free for use (open content); this is explained in the GNU Free Documentation License.

Over 500,000 Wikipedia articles have been written since 2001. There are 220000 articles in simple English.

You can help! You can edit these articles, and make new ones. See the page and other useful pages to learn how to do this. You can also ask a question at Simple talk.

Articles by topic
Math and Natural Sciences
Astronomy (stars and space) - Biology (life) - Chemistry (mixtures and substances) - Computer science - Earth science - Ecology - Life science - Mathematics - Physics

Human Sciences
People - Archeology (old, buried cities) - Geography (maps and land) - Learning - Teaching - History - Language - Philosophy (abstract ideas) - Thought - Society

Daily life, Art and Culture
Art - Cooking - Custom - Culture - Dance - Games - Gardening (growing plants) - Leisure (free time) - Movies - Music - Reading - Sport - Theater - Television

Religions and Mythology
Mysticism - Myth - Religion - Spirituality - Theology

Applied Sciences
Agriculture (growing crops) - Architecture (buildings) - Communication - Electronics - Industry - Engineering (tools and structures) - Health - Transport

Government, Law and Society
Defense - Law - Trade and business - Family - Environmental Management (protecting nature) - Government - Trade - Craft

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  • Make pages easy to read, so that people who speak English poorly can understand.
  • Make pages that are easy to translate, but which are still complete encyclopedia articles.

  • Only add text which is released under the terms of the GFDL. See Wikipedia:copyrights for more information.
  • If a word is a name, an idiom, or jargon, then explain it on a new webpage.
  • Try to use easy or common words. Your writing must be simple and easy to understand. Change words and use shorter clauses than you normally would. Use simple, short sentences.
  • Edit any page to add new information, or to make it more simple.

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