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A medium is the way or means information is sent or received. Paper is a common medium, used every day by millions of people. Television is another very common medium; it is said that there is not a community on Earth where at least one family does not own a television. The plural form of medium is media, so radio and television are both types of broadcast media, but paint, charcoal, ink, and clay are types of artistic media. When people buy or sell things, the medium is often coins or paper money, but it may also be shell, gems, livestock, or even an agreement to perform a service in the future.

A medium is also a person who it is said can pass messages between the living and the dead. This type of medium was quite popular in the West in the 19th century, but so many were found to be dishonest that few remain today.

Medium is also a size, coming between small and large. Other words used in this way include intermediate, average, and middle.